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  • Introducing Xperia X Compact and Xperia XZ

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    We've spent a long time getting excited about this, but finally the Xperia X Compact and Xperia XZ have been announced by Sony at this years IFA show in Berlin!

    Everyone at Roxfit HQ has been super busy creating some of the best accessory lineups for these two new high end handsets. As you may (or may not) know, Roxfit is a Sony only brand; we create some of the most beautifully simple yet innovative accessories which are all certified by Sony Mobile under the Made for Xperia partner program.

    So what's new?

    Roxfit Pro-2 Book Case

    Our best selling Pro-2 Book Case is back for both the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact; with our signature Black colour available for both handsets and our all new Frosted Silver colour available for the latter. Frosted Silver really does push the boundaries on the design of the Pro-2 Book Case, allowing for more light to pass through the front of the case when the handset screen is on - meaning your every day tasks such as checking emails, notifications and apps can now be completed even easier. 

    Roxfit Ultra Slim Soft Shell

    Every year we have pushed the limit to try and create protective accessories that are super slim, protective, stylish and that accentuate the natural beauty of our Sony handsets; but we have finally gone one better! The Roxfit Ultra Slim Soft Shell is a protective shell that protects your handset without adding ANY unnecessary weight or bulk to your pretty new Xperia. Constructed from our crystal clear flexible material, the Ultra Slim Soft Shell allows you to showcase your handset from every angle - perfect for showing off those loud colours and stunning aluminium cases of the Xperia XZ and X Compact. 

    Roxfit Premium Tempered Glass

    Roxfit Premium Tempered Glass has returned for the Xperia X Compact, with our newly designed bordered 0.33mm tempered glass offering full edge-to-edge screen protection. The outer borders come in Black or White, so they really are suited for any colour handset. One question I get asked a lot is why our Tempered Glass is far superior to other (cheaper) alternatives on the market, and it's something I rather enjoy answering! 

    From day one we have always used Premium Japanese glass - this not only ensures ultra high impact protection, but it also offers a much higher screen clarity than others.

    We all know that Sony Mobile screens are some of the best on the market, why dull it down with inferior Tempered Glass?! Our glass is 0.33mm thick; which tends to be a lot thicker than cheaper brands, it means that when your handset goes takes a flight down the street and lands on the concrete there is a much better chance of your expensive screen remaining intact! Roxfit Tempered Glass also includes ProTouch - this is your guarantee that you get perfect device screen feedback each and every time you use your device; it's almost like the Tempered Glass isn't there! Finally, our oleophobic coating ensures that those nasty fingerprints stay away from your screen - perfect for when you're applying those filters on Snapchat.  

    Take a look at our latest Xperia X Compact Collection HERE - Available to start shipping early September 2016.

    Xperia XZ Accessories will be online for viewing soon.


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  • Introducing Xperia Z5 Accessories

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    With the announcement of the all new Xperia Z5 range we are super excited to announce the latest Roxfit Made for Xperia licensed products designed specifically for the Xperia Z5! 

    We have been working harder than ever to bring you some of the best protective accessories from a globally trusted brand dedicated to Sony handsets! Our new range includes the ever popular Ultra Slim Book Case with our signature crystal clear scratch resistant shell to showcase the exquisite beauty of the Xperia Z5 device. We are also excited to announce our all new Premium Book Case with contrast coloured stitching and our brand new Titanium Series Slim Shell which incorporates a brushed aluminium rear to our super slim precision engineered shell. 

    Our new range can be viewed now by heading to 

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  • Xperia Z3+ Accessories

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    Our latest range of Sony Approved Made for Xperia cases really are our best ever...

    Introducing a whole new range for the Xperia Z3+ with a completely redesigned Ultra Slim Book Case and Gel Shell that offer handset protection without taking away from the beauty of Sony's new flagship handset. 

    Our new Book Case Slim is constructed from an ultra thin crystal clear shell that allows views of the handset from the back and side of the case, taking advantage of the exquisite finish on the Xperia Z3+ handset. We have wrapped the front of the case in our new material which is ultra durable and the new soft touch inner lining means that just like your new handset, this case is fully waterproof!

    The Roxfit Gel Shell Slim really has taken slimline protection to the next level. Our advanced shock absorbing outer construction protects your handset from knocks whilst our emphasis on viewing the handset continues, as we have once again added a crystal clear rear panel for you to show off your new Xperia device! The case is fully compatible with the Sony charging dock.

    Want to know more about the Roxfit Xperia Z3+ range of Cases and Accessories? Take a look now by clicking HERE.    

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  • Everyone can benefit from Tempered Glass...

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    We are constantly being asked the benefits of using our Tempered Glass protectors on your Sony Xperia handset - so we have got together with some of the brightest product designers at Roxfit HQ to give you the full details on how YOU can benefit from using Tempered Glass.

    What is Tempered Glass?

    Tempered Glass is a relatively new technology with regards to device screen protection - and it is already developing at a rapid rate with new products being constantly developed. Fundamentally, our Tempered Glass Protector's are an ultra thin (0.33mm) piece of precision cut glass that is applied on top of the device screen. This glass is toughened to around 9H on the hardness scale; meaning that it is significantly harder than a large percentage of handset screen's. 

    How does it work? 

    The technology behind Tempered Glass is simple - the protector is present to stop any damage to your device screen. The Roxfit range of Tempered Glass protectors are made from ultra high quality Japanese Glass with an advanced silicone coating for superior adhesion to your device screen. This means that the protective features of Roxfit protectors are far superior to several other Tempered Glass manufacturers who use cheaper glass. When your handset is dropped or suffers an impact directly on the screen the Tempered Glass protector is engineered to absorb the shock that would normally be exerted on your device screen; with this shock, it is not uncommon for the glass protector to 'shatter' - after this, the protector must be removed and disposed of safely. 

    Why Roxfit Tempered Glass? 

    Our Tempered Glass protectors have been designed to offer maximum device impact protection without compromising on the clarity of your device screen. All of our protectors are manufactured from premium 0.33mm Japanese Glass with advanced silicone adhesion and our oleophobic coating to deter those nasty fingerprints! Roxfit protectors have been extensively tested and provide superior protection for your Sony Xperia device. It is worth noting that although our Tempered Glass protectors are some of the best money can buy, sometimes damage to your device screen is unavoidable.

    How can I purchase a Roxfit Tempered Glass Protector? 

    Roxfit manufacture Tempered Glass for the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z3+, Xperia M4 Aqua, Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact. Don't worry, there will be lots more available soon! 

    You can get your hands on one now from the official Roxfit website.


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  • Welcome Xperia M4 Aqua

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    We are super excited to announce the launch of the brand new Xperia M4 Aqua protective accessories from Roxfit! We have spent a lot of time developing products to ensure we bring you some really cool new innovative products, like the Gel Shell Slim - our super protective shock absorbing case redesigned to offer the same protection but with an ultra slim profile. 

    We are also excited to announce the launch of our Premium Tempered Glass for the Xperia M4 Aqua, along with our new ultra slim book case! 

    All products will go on sale from 18:00 GMT on Friday 10 April. 

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