We've spent a long time getting excited about this, but finally the Xperia X Compact and Xperia XZ have been announced by Sony at this years IFA show in Berlin!

Everyone at Roxfit HQ has been super busy creating some of the best accessory lineups for these two new high end handsets. As you may (or may not) know, Roxfit is a Sony only brand; we create some of the most beautifully simple yet innovative accessories which are all certified by Sony Mobile under the Made for Xperia partner program.

So what's new?

Roxfit Pro-2 Book Case

Our best selling Pro-2 Book Case is back for both the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact; with our signature Black colour available for both handsets and our all new Frosted Silver colour available for the latter. Frosted Silver really does push the boundaries on the design of the Pro-2 Book Case, allowing for more light to pass through the front of the case when the handset screen is on - meaning your every day tasks such as checking emails, notifications and apps can now be completed even easier. 

Roxfit Ultra Slim Soft Shell

Every year we have pushed the limit to try and create protective accessories that are super slim, protective, stylish and that accentuate the natural beauty of our Sony handsets; but we have finally gone one better! The Roxfit Ultra Slim Soft Shell is a protective shell that protects your handset without adding ANY unnecessary weight or bulk to your pretty new Xperia. Constructed from our crystal clear flexible material, the Ultra Slim Soft Shell allows you to showcase your handset from every angle - perfect for showing off those loud colours and stunning aluminium cases of the Xperia XZ and X Compact. 

Roxfit Premium Tempered Glass

Roxfit Premium Tempered Glass has returned for the Xperia X Compact, with our newly designed bordered 0.33mm tempered glass offering full edge-to-edge screen protection. The outer borders come in Black or White, so they really are suited for any colour handset. One question I get asked a lot is why our Tempered Glass is far superior to other (cheaper) alternatives on the market, and it's something I rather enjoy answering! 

From day one we have always used Premium Japanese glass - this not only ensures ultra high impact protection, but it also offers a much higher screen clarity than others.

We all know that Sony Mobile screens are some of the best on the market, why dull it down with inferior Tempered Glass?! Our glass is 0.33mm thick; which tends to be a lot thicker than cheaper brands, it means that when your handset goes takes a flight down the street and lands on the concrete there is a much better chance of your expensive screen remaining intact! Roxfit Tempered Glass also includes ProTouch - this is your guarantee that you get perfect device screen feedback each and every time you use your device; it's almost like the Tempered Glass isn't there! Finally, our oleophobic coating ensures that those nasty fingerprints stay away from your screen - perfect for when you're applying those filters on Snapchat.  

Take a look at our latest Xperia X Compact Collection HERE - Available to start shipping early September 2016.

Xperia XZ Accessories will be online for viewing soon.


  • Sep 01, 2016
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