It's that time of year again, as eager Xperia fans (and Roxfit staff) await the announcement of the latest Xperia handsets from CES 2018. Sony has announced three new handsets that all slot in below the flagship Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact models. 

The Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra will take over from their hugely popular mid-tier predecessors (Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra), whilst the Xperia L2 leads on from the ever successful lower tiered Xperia L1. 

All three handsets have taken on an all-new look and feel, with ultra skinny side bezels and the introduction of the camera and fingerprint sensor on the rear of the handset (a first for the lower tier Xperia L range).  

Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra are both fitted with a 23mp rear camera and are both equipped with the Snapdragon 630 processor. Xperia L2 is equipped with a 13mp rear camera and sees the introduction of a fingerprint sensor - a first for any Sony 'lower tier' handset. 

Full specifications for each handset can be found on the Sony Mobile Website

Roxfit Accessory Lineup 

We are hugely excited to introduce our accessory lineup for the latest Xperia handsets. As always, we have been constantly improving previous cases and accessories to create the best range of protective accessories for all three handsets. 

Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra

Leading on from the hugely successful accessory portfolio of Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra, the Roxfit Made for Xperia 2018 case range is all about offering protection for your device whilst adding minimal weight or bulk to the handset. 

Our hugely popular Slim Book Case has been upgraded to include a horizontal viewing function, making it perfect for watching movies, videos or working on the go. 

The ultra high gloss inner shell matches the colour of the handset perfectly, whilst our signature 'metal fibre' outer material catches the light and adds a new dimension to the outside of the Folio Case. 

We have also introduced our Ultra Slim High Gloss Shell, colour matched in the handset colours for each device. The case adds minimal weight or bulk to the handset and allows for use of all the handset functions, including a contour cut rear fingerprint cut-out for maximum comfort and usability. We have added an advanced Anti-Scratch coating to keep your case looking brand new and resisting those annoying scratches from daily use. 

For the Xperia XA2 and XA2 Ultra handsets, we are excited to announce that our Tempered Glass is ultra clear, 0.33mm Premium Curved Asahi Glass - this means no more coloured borders, a perfect edge-to-edge fit and ultimate screen protection. Our Tempered Glass is always Made for Xperia approved and stringently tested for maximum impact protection. 

Xperia XA2 Accessories can be seen here

Xperia XA2 Ultra Accessories can be seen here

Xperia L2

Our Xperia L2 accessories follow on from the ever popular Simply Roxfit range introduced for the Xperia L1. 

The Simply Roxfit Book Case has been redesigned to incorporate a horizontal stand function with a high gloss inner shell that is wrapped in our simple outer material - creating an incredibly protective and functional case with that is slightly cheaper than our premium range of cases. 

We will also be reintroducing our Simply Hard Shell, a precision designed yet simplistic shell which is colour matched to the Xperia L2 handset. 

Ultra Clear High Impact Tempered Glass is also available for the Xperia L2, with a full edge-to-edge design and manufactured from our Premium 0.33mm Asahi Glass for ultimate impact protection. 

Xperia L2 Accessories can be seen here

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