Hands on with the Xperia XA1

We LOVE getting our hands on the latest Xperia smartphones - and the Xperia XA1 was one that we had our eye on since it's announcement at MWC in March.

I have always been a fan of the 'mid-range' handsets from Sony - the perfect balance between features and price seem to make all of the handsets some of the most desirable in the market; particularly for the younger generation who are becoming increasingly (and somewhat scarily) more aware of handset specs! 

On paper, the XA1 looks to have some pretty mean specs and the design is a huge step on from it's older brother (Xperia XA). An ultra slim profile means it fits easily into the skinniest jeans and the camera quite literally blew us away for a handset in this price bracket!

As soon as I got it out the box I was hugely impressed with the feel of the handset - a near borderless screen, flush fitting rear camera and an almost pearlescent white finish all over.

Naturally, the first thing I did was stick our White Xperia XA1 Tempered Glass and our new beautifully crafted Anti Scratch Clear Shell. I have seen both of these products on the handset before, but only in the testing phase of introducing our new products and I really didn't have much chance to use the XA1 in an every day scenario (until now...). 

As with all new Sony handsets the Xperia XA1 is using a USB C connector - which is so much easier to plug in and use with the handset. I won't go on about the camera, but for a 'mid-tier' handset this thing can sure stick it to the big boys - low level light, quick snaps, sunlight...it quite literally took it all in it's stride and has to be a HUGE selling point of the XA1. 

For a 720p screen the XA1 also provides pretty punchy colours and is more than bright enough to enjoy videos and media on the move. I was pleasantly surprised by the battery life on the XA1 - I never found myself worrying or running for the nearest charger, it would comfortably last a full day in the office and an evening out enjoying the sunshine also! 

Overall, a hugely impressive mid-tier handset with some awesome features and available at a bargain price from most retailers in the UK and EU! 

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  • May 26, 2017
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